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2014 MAC Recruiting Report

Below is the 2014 MAC football recruiting report. I’ve changed the format from previous years from a detailed analysis of each team to listing of the top 50 incoming players along with a top-5 ranking by major position.

Why the change? When I first began doing these recruiting reports for the MAC there was very little information available to the average fan so I did a lot of due diligence on each team and thus a more detailed analysis. Now, there are so many recruiting services that information is almost endless. Either free or “pay to view,” most MAC fans now have information as quickly now as me or anyone else.

So how is this analysis different? Easy, since all of the rankings have their own minor bias, I do a compilation of all public information I can find, score it in Excel, and then do a aggregate ranking of that data. Taking public information from Rivals, Scout, ESPN, 247 Recruiting, etc., along with adding in other details from published articles, this has become a labor of love to see where the top recruits are expected to make the most impact.

I say the word “expected” because the 2013 MAC Champ has never had a top class ranking in any of my analysis dating back to 1999 but has historically rated in the top third in most years. Also, Toledo has had the past two top rated classes and still is looking up at Northern Illinois, who historically ranks in the middle of my class rankings.

With that said, we will see how well Western Michigan is doing two or three years from now as they had the #1 rated class in every published site I could find. In fact, they were #1 by a large margin over #2. But as we all know, no one can accurately predict how these young men will ultimately develop over their careers.

Enjoy and comment on your favorite MAC fan board.



Nick “VanDelay”

2014 Class Rankings – Aggregated

  1. Western Michigan
  2. Northern Illinois
  3. Ohio
  4. Toledo
  5. BGSU
  6. UMass
  7. Akron
  8. Buffalo
  9. Ball State
  10. Miami
  11. Kent State
  12. Eastern Michigan
  13. Central Michigan

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