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2013 MAC Recruiting Report

This year’s MAC football recruiting report is different than years past. It is still a detailed compilation of a half dozen online recruiting sites, local newspapers articles, school releases and video review, but unlike years past, only the top players are noted and there is no detailed team write up.

When we began doing this recruiting report way back in 1999, there were very limited sources available to the average MAC fan and this publication was one of the very few who provided MAC-centric data. Now there are so many publications and information is far more readily available than a decade ago.

All MAC fans should welcome more than 250 student athletes that have been added to this quality football conference. The top 50 MAC recruits below have been scored & aggregated through those multiple sources stated above and then ranked accordingly.



“Nick VanDelay”


MAC Recruiting Class Rankings:

  1. Toledo - 2013 Toledo football recruits
  2. Bowling Green - 2013 Bowling Green football recruits
  3. Northern Illinois - 2013 NIU football recruits
  4. Central Michigan - 2013 CMU football recruits
  5. Western Michigan - 2013 WMU football recruits
  6. Kent State - 2013 Kent State football recruits
  7. Eastern Michigan - 2013 EMU football recruits
  8. UMass - 2013 UMass football recruits
  9. Ohio - 2013 Ohio football recruits
  10. Ball State - 2013 Ball State football recruits
  11. Miami - 2013 Miami football recruits
  12. Akron - 2013 Akron football recruits
  13. Buffalo - 2013 Buffalo football recruits


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